4D Productions presents


Sat, March 25, 2017

8:00 pm

Chicago, IL


BeogradskiSindikat (English: Belgrade Syndicate) is a Serbian hip-hop collective from Belgrade, Serbia. It was formed on March 21, 1999, by uniting two underground hip-hop bands: „Red Zmaja“ and „TUMZ“ together with solo artists MC Flex (Feđa) and Šef Sale. DJ IRon then joined the group in 2006.
They make their own brand of unique hip hop, trying to raise awareness (of young people especially) and point directly to the problems: drug abuse, hooliganism, decaying educational system, glorifying of tycoons and criminals in media and many different subjects.
They have their own “slogans”, SVIZAJEDNO being one of the main. It is intentionally spelled together, stating - ALLTOGETHER. It is in form a message that we shouldn’t be separated by anything, not race, religion or the city or favorite football club. Some of the other slogans are: OSTANITE ZDRAVI U GLAVI (English: Keep a healthy mind) and MISLI SVOJOM GLAVOM (English: Think for yourself). The latter one referring to excessive use of different media channels and networks among the youngsters.
They have released three albums; the first one was highly acclaimed and marked the beginning of the second wave of Serbian hip hop.
Their biggest success came after the release of their last album “Discrete heroes” – in 2012. they held a solo concert in the “Belgrade arena” for more then 20.000 fans.
Group members:
Blazo Vujovic
Ognjen J ankovic
Darko Marjanović
Boško Cirkovic
Đorđe Jovanovic
Feda Dimovic
Aleksandar Karadzinovic
Stefan Novovic
2001: BSSST...Tišinčina
2005: Svi Zajedno
2010: Diskretni Heroji
Venue Information:
The Portage Theater
4050 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL, 60641